7th and 8th Grade Literature, ELA, and Social Studies
Instructor: Mrs. Page   
4th Quarter
ACT Aspire Test -April 25th- 28thá

Betty Page

  • Parents please make sure that your child/children get plenty of rest
  • Eat a nutritiousámeal
  • Be alert and aware during testing
  • Motivate them to do his/her very best
  • Motivate them to keep a positive attitude during testingá Parents we have worked very hard in all of our classes to prepare for this test.á I feel very positive about the results and hope that we can REACH THE TOP!á Your child/children have packages that will assist them inápreparing for the test.á School is coming to and end, yet we are still having valuable instruction time.á Please make sure studentsáattend school daily.á Thanáyou for support!á
Keys to a Healthy Relationship
1. Trust
2. Truth
3. Dedication
4. Passion
5. Hard work

#Success is a Mindset- is a REALITY!

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